Maori Providers

International Research Institute for Māori and Indigenous Education (IRI) & Te Rōpū Rangiha Hauoroa a Eru Pōmare. (2002). Iwi Māori Provider Success. Auckland: The University of Auckland.

This research programme, funded by the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology and contracted to IRI by Te Puni Kōkiri, sought the advice of Māori and iwi organisations about what has made them 'successful providers' of programmes and/or services over the past decade. The views of government agencies about Māori and iwi provider 'success' were also canvassed.

Iwi Māori Provider Success (969 kb)

Pipi, K., F. Cram, R. Hawke, S. Hawke, T. Huriwai, T. Mataki, M. Milne, K. Morgan, H. Tuhaka and C. Tuuta. (2004) 'Maori Providers Research'. In Social Policy Journal of New Zealand - Issue 23 December 2004

Kaupapa Māori research operates out of this philosophical base and is guided by practices that reflect a Maori 'code of conduct'. This paper explores how these practices were operationalised within the Maori and Iwi Provider Success research project.

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