Tino Rangatiratanga (2003) 'Te Takutai Moana' IRI: Auckland

This version of Te Takutai Moana has been developed as a follow up to a publication produced specifically for the National Hui at Paeroa that was called to provide a forum for Maori to discuss the issues pertaining to the foreshore and seabed debate.  As with the previous publication this version represents a collection of writings have been brought together to provide a resource for our people at a time when fundamental rights are again under attack by the Crown.

Te Takutai Moana (701 kb)

International Research Institute for Maori & Indigenous Education (1997) 'Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights; Economics, Politics & Colonisation' University of Auckland: Auckland

This volume of 'Economics, Politics and Colonisation' raises critical issues related to cultural and intellectual property rights. Its timing is apt given the increasing involvement of a wide range of national and multinational companies in acts of commodification of Indigenous resources, language and cultures.

 Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights (1.3 mb)